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The Toothpick

10/2/2013 by Mike Creasman
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The Toothpick
If you are privileged to witness my standard routine following a meal, you will invariably see me reaching for a toothpick. It may be from those made available as I am exiting a restaurant. It may be from the glove compartment in my car if I am eating on the run. It may even be from my wallet if I find myself in a remote location where toothpicks are as remote as my location. But after a meal I have to have a toothpick! It all stems from gum surgery I had years ago, but the why of needing a toothpick has little to do with this blog.  

This past week I was in my car along with Gwen and the two grandchildren. We were on our way to reunite the children with their mother after we had spent the day chasing Bryson, the 18 month-old, from room to room all around the house and entertaining Braelyn, the 4 year-old, with multiple showings of Mickey Mouse Club House. On our way to meet their mother, I was partaking of one of God’s most heavenly meals – a peanut butter sandwich and a Coca Cola – while the rest of the family was well into their chicken nuggets. Upon completion of my meal, I followed my standard operating procedure of reaching for a toothpick. I had just gotten it squarely in my mouth when Braelyn, who was in her child’s car seat in the back of the car, shouted out, “Papa, don’t eat that. That’s gross!”

My first inclination was to question, where did a 4 year-old learn the meaning of “gross?”  But upon further reflection, I realized that here was my granddaughter, completely engrossed (I thought) in devouring her own meal, but yet who still had her eyes on her Papa. Eyes on her Papa.

Philippians 1: 27 says “Only let your conversation (conduct) be as it becometh the gospel of Christ: that whether I come and see you, or else be absent, I may hear of your affairs, that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel.”  

If Braelyn thought my use of a toothpick was gross, I wondered about the rest of my conduct before her. Has it been such that ‘becometh the gospel of Christ?’ May we all be reminded that, if we call ourselves Christians, our conduct is to be a reflection of our calling. Let us remember that people are watching – especially the children. Remember the toothpick.

Pastor Mike

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