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Before You Attend Glen Haven

If you have never attended Glen Haven before, this is your starting place.

How does everyone dress?
The overall dress of our membership is "nice casual".  However, our goal is to share the love of Jesus Christ with every person who walks into our church rather than having you dress a certain way.

Where do I park?
If you have children ages birth to 5th grade you will want to park on the right side of the building as you are looking at it from the road.  You will enter the second driveway as you come from Hwy 155 or the first driveway as you come from Airline Rd.   If you do not have children in these ages you can park anywhere in our parking lots, and you may enter the building from any of the outside doors.  We have a parking lot team available to assist you on Sunday, and they have a shuttle cart to aid anyone who needs assistance or doesn't know where to go.  We also have a number of visitor parking spaces right in front of our building.  We want you to feel like our honored guests!

Where do I go?
You may enter the building anywhere, but we have a First Impressions team stationed at the front doors of the building and on each side of the connector between our main building and gym.  The walkways on either side of the church lead you to the connector area.  Our First Impressions team will direct you where to go for appropriate nursery rooms, Sunday school classes, children's church services, and our main worship service.

Where do my children go?
Any child birth to Pre-Kindergarten goes into our nursery/pre-school area.  Our nursery/pre-school area is on the first floor of the main building on the right side as you look at it from the road.  If you park on the right side, then just enter one of the doors on either side of our covered drop off area and our nursery/pre-school staff will be able to get you to the right place.  
If your children are K-5 through college, they will go to the second floor of the main building on the right side.  All our children's Classes (K-5 to 5th grade) and children's church room are in this area.  Also, our middle school, high school, and college/career classes are in this area.  Our First Impressions Team will gladly assist you in getting everyone to the right place.

When do I need to arrive?
Our service times are:  

Sunday Morning Worship at 8:15, 9:45, and 11:00 am
Childrens Church is offered at 8:15 and 11:00 am
Sunday School will begin at 8:45, 10:00, and 11:15 am - please see our home page for a complete listing of classes offered at each time slot

Awana Clubs on Sunday at 5:30 pm
Sunday Evening Worship at 6:00 pm

Wednesday Night Service/Children's choirs/Youth Bible Study at 6:45pm

We recommend you arrive about 15 minutes prior to the start time to get everyone settled in their place, and to have a chance to meet some people as well.

If you arrive late, please come in and let our Ushers and First Impressions team assist you in getting everyone to the right place and being seated in the service.

Is the church handicap accessible?
The church is handicap accessible.  You can enter from the front or either side of the building without ascending stairs, and we have an elevator in the foyer to assist you in getting to the second floor.  All our restrooms are also handicap accessible.